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A compact 10mm?

Just get a .40S&W 1911 (Kimber makes a few and I do believe in the smaller size) and have a 10mm barrel put into it.

Heinie's shop is noted for 10mm work. I'm sure that they could get one cooking for you.

I had my P16 converted to 10mm just with an Ed Brown drop in barrel. All has been fine. I have a 24lb spring in the pistol (dropped down from 26lbs after the ammo I was using displayed a PRONOUNCED problem).

If you are looking for a small 10mm and don't feel like going through the rigors of the barrel work, just get a G29 and you'd be happier then a clam.

With the SA, why not get a 400 CorBon barrel for it? You'll have 3/4s the performance of the 10mm in the short tube (my G29 out performed my P12 and a G30 in 400 CB in the velocity department) and an "odd ball" caliber.

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