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The Gun
Kimber Warrior (KimPro Finish)
Gunner Grips (Coyoyte Brown, Ambi Saftey Cut, Beveled Bottoms)
Factory Magazine
2 Wilson 47D

This range trip was the first time for quite a few things. For one, it was my first trip to an outdoor range. I also spent my first time on the steel plates as well. And perhaps even more exciting I shot my first 1911, the Kimber Warrior.

I usually shoot indoors at 25 feet, standing and taking my time in order to improve my trigger control, breathing, stance, and so forth. Since we were going to a new range I decided to take along my Warrior. I had no clue if it was even going to fire and I had just met all of these new faces and people at the range. Needless to say, I took the pistol to the pistol bay, opened it up, loaded the magazine, walked up to the plates and fired away. I fired seven rounds out of the factory magazine, each time I pulled the trigger I heard the perfect report of the bullet striking and knocking the steel plate down.

It was honestly like a little symphony going on. Granted I was only about 15 feet away and the plates were about 8 inches wide, but I still had fun for the first magazine. And most of all it the pistol worked fine.

Instead of doing the usual standing in one spot and shooting I decided that since I was at a new range, to mix it up and attempt to move and reload at the same time. I didn't have a holster or even magazine pouches, but I was able to knock down all of the plates (25) except two in about 35 seconds. I put one round in the chamber, loaded the magazine, and kept the two Wilson’s in my cargo pocket and went to town.

I had a lot of fun shooting at this new range. My trigger control, breathing, stance, all went out the window as soon as I started to shoot the targets and move. I was horribly dragging the shots down low and to the left. The Gunner Grips that I added were hurting my hands and adding to the flinch.

I fired:
-100 Rounds Of Winchester Whitebox (230 gr. FMJ)
-50 Rounds of Remington UMC (230 gr. MC)

All of the rounds were hardball just like the manual said. Before shooting, I cleaned and lubed the pistol following the instructions EXACTLY as indicated on the included piece of paper that tells the cleaning and lubing procedure.

I had one failure to feed with the Winchester Whitebox about 80 rounds into the experience. I was using the factory magazine. I can nearly 100% attribute it to the fact that I limp wristed horribly. The pistol was also shot by my brother (~20 rounds) and my grandfather (~8 rounds) and they had no problems at all.

After shooting I took it home and cleaned it, EXACTLY like the instructions said to do. I am worried about rust and feel like each time I get down fondling the pistol that I have to wipe it down with a yellow, silicone rag.

If anyone has any more questions, I would be really happy to answer them as best I can. I know how future owners may feel, so I would be happy to answer any questions at all.
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