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This is the Watch Six Dual Talon, joint creation between Lou Alessi and Milt Sparks.
Lou's is cut a little different, surely just asthetics, but I like it.

Very snug fit, nice draw with no break-in.
In the pant it's even snugger. (~is that a word?)

It rides a little higher than I thought it might, which I prefer for comfort when sitting. (I do too much of that.)

The "Talons" are perfect, just as advertised.
They go on easy enough, and don't move!
Someone in the past mentioned how you might want to adjust it with your pants undone because it was hard to move.
Not a problem for me. You definitely have to be deliberate, but I could move it back or forward by just sticking my thumb and pointer in the clip to open it a bit.

Looks to be about 8" (that's 12 by my wife's ruler) between the clips, so the weight seems to hang a little easier.

The clips go onto the pant, so don't fret over belt widths.

I wore it all day today with my $18 POS DKNY belt, in and out of the car, through crowds at the outdoor fair, no problem.

What can I say?
It works.
Oh, and there's no reinforced opening, so it's considerably thinner (read: more comfortable) than others I've seen.
Reholstering isn't a problem either, unless you need to do it FAST, so maybe not for LEO's.

The stitching is top knotch.
No need to be afraid to look real close on this baby, Lou doesn't disappoint.

I got a sweet little talon mag pouch too.
Tight, beautiful.

Final word: $65 for a true quality, American-made leather IWB rig that does what it's supposed to - I'm quite pleased.

Before you pay half again as much for the Versa Max, give this one some thought.


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I've seen on Milt Sparks website that both Milt and Lou offer this holster. Why can't I find it on Lou's website (R&F Holsters)? Is this website out of date, or has Lou discontinued this model?

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