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"Weapons and Tactics" newsletter a probable ripoff

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I subscribed to the newsletter "Weapons and Tactics" and never received an issue. I have seen other post where folks say the same thing. They cash your check fast but never confirm your subscription. There is no information about them on the net, and the publishers website doesn't ever reference them. Please reply if you know this to be in error.

Avoid them, it seems to be a rip-off
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I've seen their newsletter. I think it's real, but it's not worth the price. The information in it is rather basic, and it is usually accompanied for an ad for an overpriced piece of gear. For instance, I recall an ad for a 6Z for $70+. It isn't hard to beat that price. I wonder if they are having business problems? In any case, you should be able to get your money back.

Someone got me a years subscription, i got them all, i learned some things, it`s not bad.. Some are still in the envelopes they came in as i havn`t had time to read them.. I would call them and let them know you havn`t been sent any.. -Gilmore

Thanks for the input. Do you happen to have their phone number handy? That is part of my distrust. There is no phone number for customer service, no reply to postal mail (but all I have is the address for subscriptions) and I am not the only one they have cheated.

Originally posted by Tim Burke:
(702) 739-6552
Thats the one i`ve got, give them a buzz, im sure they will fix you up..
Sorry, I take that back

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I got the newsletter. Actually I received 2. One looked like the initial issue of a subscription, it had a coupon for $24 off a surefire light.

I guess I was wrong. My apologies to the staff of "Weapons and Tactics"

The info is not bad either.
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