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Weird IDPA suggestion

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It recently occurred to me that most of the IDPA rulebook could be replaced with one rule:
"The competitor will try on the official concealment garment (vest, whatever) in the appropriate size for their height and weight. Any equipment observable around or through the garment cannot be used in the match."

Have 3 or 4 vests with a height/weight chart (or else EVERYBODY is an XXL!), and you're done.

This is how we do it in real life, right? "Does my stuff show?"

Just a thought after looking through that [email protected]#m holster list again.


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How much of the rulebook have you actually read? The holster and ammunition carrier rules plus the holster list total 3 pages out of 59. That's a far cry from "most".

If you don't have a holster on the list, let me know. I will get one to you for minimal cost.
I remember shooting a concealed carry IPSC match at Ft. Harmar a couple decades ago where this was exactly how it was done (albeit there was no official covering garment...that was the shooter's choice). It worked fine. The trouble is that it is still subjective.

The IPSC UK conceal carry rules was an attempt at objectively codifying a practical, concealable holster. It was pretty good, but resulted in howls of dismay from the US region when it was implemented.

I dislike arbitrariness as much as the next person, but I can certainly understand WHY IDPA went to a list of specifically approved holsters. You can only take so much whining.

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