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Well, fixed my UC V10!

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In another posts I praised my V10 UC SS, the only gripes I gave it was the fact that 3 out of 5 times it would bugger the first round loaded. The bullet would strike the frame below the throat of the barrel and hang up. It would also fail to go ll the way into battery on the second tolast, and last rounds in the magazine.

this problem occured with both factory 6-Rd Magazines.

well today I purchased 2 new Chip McCormick 7rd SS Magazines. They are for the Colt Officers, Para, and SA Compact.

My feed and load problems have now dissapeared! for less than $40 I now have an almost perfect loading gun. Damn shame SA couldn't have sent decent operating magazines with it in the first place. My experience would have gone from Good, to Awesome with that one smll change.

oh well, at least it wasn't something with the gun.
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Magazines in any autopistol are the #1 cause of malfunctions. I agree with you that it would seem wise for SA to contract the magazine issue out and issue magazines that are reliable with their pistols. I have not noticed this as much with their full size weapons. I have owned some that have been 100% reliable with the SA mags, although I still generally trade them out for Wilsons. Glad to hear you took care of your problem.
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