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Well foo

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Just noticed my front night site on my Pro CDP has gone dark on me. 800 rounds through it and blamo, gone.

So much for practicing in the Dark! Looks like I'll be sending it back this week to get it fixed. Damn the luck, thought I was going to get lucky and make without the site going out!

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Sorry to hear, but all too common a problem lately.

Happened to my Pro Eclipse and I had to pay to ship them the slide.

Are you going to have to do the same - Pay to return it to them to fix a problem they know about?
That's it. I've made up my mind. My Custom CDP is going out the door ASAP. I'm gonna try to figure out how to list it on an auction site. I'm not much on 'tricked out' guns, but Wilson's Millenium Protector is calling my name. This whole CDP venture has proven to be a bad move.

Thanks for the info. You have helped me decide. Bill Wilson thanks you as well...

I was just about to have Kimber put night sights on my Pro Carry while they have it in the shop. Scratch that idea. I've read too many negative testimonials out here regarding their night sights. I'm glad we have this forum. Perhaps I'll just have them slap on some white dot sights.
It's a shame that such a wonderful weapon should be marred with such a trivial issue.

I haven't called Kimber yet to sort out the return/fix, I plan on doing that this week. I'll certainly keep everyone here posted.

It's the only gun I own and I have another IDPA match on Tueday and don't want to do without. I plan on picking up a loaded SA this week (from a friend), once I have it, I'll send the Kimber off and have it made right.

Love the gun, dissapointed about the sites.

I am having the same problem. Front sight is getting dim. Why can't Kimber get their act together on something as simple as the sights?
Inspecter Harry, don't get rid of the gun, get rid of the sights.
Originally posted by bucksnuffer:
Inspecter Harry, don't get rid of the gun, get rid of the sights.
Nope. I've made up my mind. I'm getting an all-steel gun. There's nothing wrong with the Kimber functionally, but I've just never been impressed with it. I paid a grand for it and in my opinion it ain't been worth the money. I'm trading for something that is...

Thanks for the advice anyhow.

My front sight is dead too on my PRO-CDP. Been down for a while now. Keep meaning to get the slide shipped out.

Called Kimber a couple months ago and they told me hold off on getting it in because they were out of front sights to put on anyway.

Makes me think even more about it.

I have a philosophy about "If you can't do it right the first time, it isn't worth doing."

Apparently Kimber is of a different mindset.

I might just get some AO sights instead, save me some postage in the future. ;-(
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