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What 1911's do we all have? Multiple answers are allowed.

  • Colt

    Votes: 173 48.9%
  • Springfield

    Votes: 163 46.0%
  • Kimber

    Votes: 128 36.2%
  • Para Ordnance

    Votes: 40 11.3%
  • Smith & Wesson

    Votes: 47 13.3%
  • Les Baer

    Votes: 45 12.7%
  • Norinco

    Votes: 23 6.5%
  • Wilson combat

    Votes: 43 12.1%
  • STI

    Votes: 22 6.2%
  • Others

    Votes: 100 28.2%

What 1911's Do We Have?

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I thought it might be interesting to see what make of 1911's we all have.
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I've owned nearly every brand out there in the past, including wartime contract and foreign copies. Unfortunately I've had to pare it down to just a few guns, and all I have left now are Colts.

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i have

a Kimber TLE, A Para P-14 Limited(which really needs some work), a Springfield Stainless fullsize, and a Charles Daly ECS that has had some work(sights,trigger, refinish in two tone black/grey so it looks like a Wilson). All in 45acp

And I think 4 1911's isnt enough. I think I need a 9mm. And that somewhat gaudy Rock Island hard chromed 38 super appeals to me in a weird way.

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The least you could do is put all the makes that have their own forum section.

I hate lumping my two beautiful Rock River Arms in with 'Others' doesn't do them justice somehow.

Also can't put the quantity, such as 2 Colts, 2 Kimbers, 2 Rock Rivers, etc.

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started with a used Kimber TLE II. added a S&W Basic Stainless. added two Springer 1911 Loaded 9mm's. sold my very well used TLE II. missed the Kimber so much i bought a new Custom II, had mepro sights put on and i am now back to four 1911's. i have been able to shoot a whole bunch of other makers guns owned by others at the range, but these are the ones that really fit my gun and shooting tastes.

be safe, shoot well. :rock:

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Sorry but the Poll section limited me to 10 choices. No offense I hope. May do another poll just for the "others".

Stay Safe
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