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what caliber does everyone use?

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what caliber is your competition gun?
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I shoot IDPA at this time. These work very well for me.

The most shot firearm is a S&W model 19 or 66. Both are .38 special/.357 magnum. I use .38 +P loads in competition. 125 gr. tc fmj. at 1000 fps.

The second most used is a Browning HiPower in 9mm. 124 gr. fmj, at 1100 fps.

And finally comes the Colt Gold Cup in .45 acp. 200 gr. LSWC at about 900 fps.


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[This message has been edited by Neil Casper (edited 02-08-2001).]
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I have a P14-45 limited. I have been shooting only a year and it was what was recommended to me. I like it. My old eyes need the big holes the 45 SWC make.
SSP either Glock 34 or 35 (gamer guns). I did shoot my G23 last night.
ESP Kimber .40. CDP Kimber.45 or Chuck. At least for me, I have found in all calibers that heavy and slow is better than light and fast.
Only shooting IDPA at this time.

CDP: Kimber CST & CS .45
ESP: Caspian .40S&W
SSP: Glock 17

I was shooting a Glock 19 in SSP

I'm now making the leap to CDP with and will use an Essex arms 1911A1 government clone and maybe my Para P12.45 as well.
.38 Super or .45 depending on my mood. I'm starting to lean toward the .45 more and more these days.
.45 ACP for both IPSC and IDPA. I'm going to shoot some 9 and 10 this year, but it will still be 90% .45.
I shoot the 45 about 90% and 9mm the rest!
Nothing but .45 for IPSC, IDPA, and bowling pins...

The caliber does whatever is needed beautifully, why bother with anything else?
.357 sig., .38 spec., .40 s&w, .45 acp, .223, .30govt 06, 12ga the above for PPC, 3 gun, IDPA, and IPSC.
I shoot 38 super most of the time.If I`m low on money and ammo I shoot 9mm.
I started off in IDPA with a full sized 1911 with a DA trigger in CDP, using 230 grain ball ammo at 850 fps. I have used a Commander model once using a 185 gr winchester jhp sitting on 9 grains of aa#5 at nearly 975 fps. I use chip MCCormick mags and Colt mags.

Most times i'm shooting an FEG hi power with 115 gr ball ammo by UMC at 1135 fps and I use a mix of factory, mil surplus and ramline magazines.

One of the nice things about this set up is that I can use my galco slide holster for all three of these guns, and my AMS cordura and velcro magazine pouch can hold either single or double stack mags securely and comfortably.
Just started shooting IDPA with a
S&W 625 in .45 ACP

My 1911 is really a revolver.
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I shoot a pair of raceguns in 40S&W. The All-Sport Forty the gun to play all the gun games where a racegun is legal. As soon as I get some free time I'm going to build me a limited class gun in 40S&W.
Regards,Bob Hunter. www.huntercustoms.com
IPSC, 38 Super(TJ) open. 40 Limited. 9x19 Production, 45ACP revolver and *once* 454 Casull.

IDPA, 9x19 SSP, 38 Super(TJ) ESP, 45 CDP.

Steel, 9x19.

Single Stack Classic, 40.

3-gun IPSC/SOF, 223 rifle, 12ga shotgun, 40 pistol, 6x284 Precision Rifle.

Bullseye, 45 ACP, 22lr and .177 airgun.

Skeet, 12 & 28ga.

Thats all I have time for. When I figure out how to squeeze more range time in a day, I will add more calibers and 1050 toolheads.

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