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I recently purchased a new M1991A1 Commander. It is stainless with a satin nickle? finish. The sides of the slide and hammer are polished. The corners of the slide (4 at the front, 2 lowers at the rear) have been dehorned. It has an enlarged ejection port, though not as large as a Defender. It has the 'high' three dot white sights. Slide stop and thumb safety are standard. The grip safety is a beaver tail and the mainspring is flat. It also looks like the mag well has been tapered. The barrel seems to have a narrow feed ramp.

The slide is marked on the left 'Colt M1991A1™' with 'Stainless' below that. The right side is marked 'Commander Model'. The serial number start with "CJ".

I have put well over 500 rnds over the couple of months I've owned it. I have been using it in a 'Fun' league the local indoor range has. I've had 2 and my Brother had one, FTF due to 'limp wristing'. None during any of the 'rapid-fire' matches I've been participating in. Overall I am in love with this weapon and wouldn't hesitate to carry it into any situation. BTW, though I have yet to win a match, I'm consitantly placing in the top 3.

So what do I have in terms of 'Model' designation, if any?


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