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What do you guys think of Wayne Novak?

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I would like to have some basic 'smithin' done to my recently aquired Colt Series '70 Govn't Model. Novak is only a few hours drive from me. I've always heard good things about him, but would like to know what you guys think. Thanks.

Also, doesn't Pete Single work for Novak? He's pictured in his catalog my brother has.

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Novak's shop does fine work. Novak's primary 1911 specialist is Joe Bonar. Pete Single is a subcontractor to whom Novak farms out checkering and possibly some other metal work. Novak apparently values Pete's contributions enough to acknowledge him in their catalog.

You can't go wrong. He's an old pro.
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I actually had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Novak on Thursday. He is a very nice guy! I had to have the front sight on my Kimber replaced they told me to bring it by the shop. Imagine my suprise when I walked in and saw Wayne himself!

If you go to his shop you should probably have an affection for rottweilers, as there are two large ones running around the shop, very nice dogs. Overall, I was very impressed with the operation.
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Novaks shop turn out very nice work and they are nice people to deal with.

I have only had Hi powers worked on by Novaks and the work was first rate!

their turn around times are as promissed and their prices are very reasonable, you cant go wrong.

They tuned up 2 Hi Powers and a Commander for me . I will continue to use their services .

In the early 90's I sent them a Colt for a make over. When I got it back all the grip screw bushings backed out when I changed the grips. No problem....I fixed that myself. Some time later ( I don't remember how long ) the trigger over rode the grip safety. I sent it back for a replacement grip safety under the warrantee & when it came back the trigger still over rode the grip safety. End of relationship.
Since you asked......

I've had three guns built by Joe Bonar of Novak's.
The first was a Springfield base 1911 built in "91. It's still my range blaster.

The last two were Kimbers, a full size and a Compact, both of which I had them perform modified FBI packages on. Those two are my daily self-defense guns. I trust my family's safety to them every day.
Happy with the 1911 work they have done for me. Joe Bonar does good work and is a nice guy too.
Novak has been my smith of choice since 1982 you cant do any better---FYI I am now using his fixed rear sight with a u notch and a gold bead front,just the thing for ageing eyesight:cool:
I consider Wayne to be a good friend so I may be a little biased. To date I have had 7 guns built in his shop, 5 of which I still own.

Wayne is a real pioneer in the custom pistolsmith business.

Way back when and at a time when most of the smiths who have been around as long as he, were concentrating on building guns mainly for competition (IPSC). Wayne bucked the popular trend and instead specialized his talents on weapons intended for personal defense. This was a good thing for those of us back then who didn't think it was really necessary to have those inch long thingys, with holes in them, hanging off the end of our guns. ;)

There were of course others who were building personal defense guns at that time, but Wayne was definitely in the forefront.

When I began working for the public in '92, I sent out a bunch of requests for literature, information and pricing to most everybody that supplies this industry.
Wayne Novak was the only one to personally reply with the things that I requested and a hand written note wishing me success.
Since then I have installed a lot of his sights and every time I've needed information, an odd sized sight or anything else, Wayne or one of his staff has helped out in spades.
Obviously, this doesn't tell you a thing about the quality of the workmanship from his shop (which has been addressed in print over and over), but it does let you know what sort of a person and businessman he is.
If I remember correctly Wayne was taught pistol work by Armand Swenson years ago when he lived here in Calif.
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I've never actually had work done by Novak's shop, but I've spoken with Joe Bonar before. He's a nice guy. I was talking about a full-custom gun and he suggested less expensive alternatives that might meet my needs just as well or better. I was impressed with his honesty and his eagerness to help. I wouldn't hesitate to send him some work.
I purchased I Novak High Power from Terry Peters a couple of weeks ago. It's first rate. Has hand mat on the front and back strap, Novak sights, relilability package, trigger job, recontoured hamer, recrowned barrel, Spegal grips and a beautiful mat blue finish. I've only put 150-200 rounds down the tube but it has been 100% so far. I'm very satisfied. Shoot Safe......CO


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