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What Does Your Kimber .22 Conversion Unit Like to Eat?

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I have the .22 Conversion (Black Box) for my Kimber TLE II. Put over 4000 rounds thru it in the last year (I have two mags that I switch off with). Had some problems with extracting and feeding, thought I had it worked out using Winchester Super X22LR High Velocity coated and had more success with a brick of Super SE Aguila coated.

Well, I ran out of ammo and decided to experiment, tried CCI and Remington and was getting failure to feeds (or a complete return to battery) about every second shot. Cleaned the mags as well as possible (although you cannot break these down as it appears the base is glued in place).

Was able to get some more Winchester and most of the problems went away. However I am looking for the best reliability, anyone here have better success with their conversion units? What ammo do you use (can you recommend a vendor on line?) and what are you secrets?

I would like to try shooting some steel competition with this conversion unit but a failure to feed every 20 to 30 shots is not acceptable for this venue.

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I shoot Blazer High Velocity through mine. It gobbles them up with no problems as does my Ruger Mk2 and my Walther G22 carbine.

I find Thunderbolts to have too high a misfire ratio. The worst stuff for me is the PMC Crossfire. They won't feed in any of my .22's.
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