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What else is needed with the RL 550B?

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I am thinking about buying the Dillion RL 550B and would like to know what other components will be needed?

I want to reload 45 ACP, 357 Sig, 44 Rem. Mag, & 30/06. Other than the dies, what else do I need?

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Call dillon and ask, I know that the shell plate for the .45acp is also used for the .30-06,and 26 other calibers,I'd get a case tumbler,dial calipers, a scale of some
sort,toolheads for each set of dies,you'll need powder dies & powder funnels,Ask dillon if the other calibers you want to load use the same shellplate,that way you buy one caliber conversion (shellplate,powder funnel, locater buttons) and use shellplate&locater buttons for other caliber and only have to buy powder die and powder funnel,(little cheaper)call dillon and talk with them,might keep you from over ordering,
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