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What else is needed with the RL 550B?

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I am thinking about buying the Dillion RL 550B and would like to know what other components will be needed?

I want to reload 45 ACP, 357 Sig, 44 Rem. Mag, & 30/06. Other than the dies, what else do I need?

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Well I just got one and each caliber requires a conversion kit for $33 and a die set for $50.

On the advice of the folks at Dillon (it's nice to be able to go directly to the factory and talk to them), I also got a second toolhead and powder die so I can change between calibers faster ($19), CV500 brass cleaning kit ($123), the accessory package ($163), spare parts kit ($12), and video ($6). They assured me I was getting everything I needed to start cranking out the rounds. Of course I also got components to load 1k of each caliber. I am still building my bench so I haven't set up the press yet.

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