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What else is needed with the RL 550B?

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I am thinking about buying the Dillion RL 550B and would like to know what other components will be needed?

I want to reload 45 ACP, 357 Sig, 44 Rem. Mag, & 30/06. Other than the dies, what else do I need?

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You need an extra toolhead and powder die for each caliber, so can you keep the dies adjusted on each one, and a second powder measure. You can use one powder measure for the small cases and the other for the 30-06, otherwise you'll have to change the measuring bars each time you want to throw large changes.
It makes no sense to change only the dies in this setup, ideally you should have a complete toolhead with dies and powder measure to make quick caliber changes, that way you only have to make sure the priming system is the right size and change the rotating base plate to convert from one caliber to another.
Other than that, you'll need a scale, and for the 30-06 you'll need spray on case lube or a lubrication pad. I would also suggest a primer flip tray, a micrometer, an inertial bullet puller, and (last) a case trimmer.
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