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What Holster for IDPA

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I was wondering what all you guys use for a holster in IDPA

Have fun & Shoot Strait
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Blade Tech appears to be VERY popular.
I've seen a lot of Fobus and Talon holsters, I personally use a custom leather belt slide for my Baby Eagle, since it's not from one of the more popular gun manufacturers. For my 1911, I use a Talon IWB.

Wilson Practical, looks like an 80's IPSC rig. Very cool, retro. Doubles as a competitive IPSC yet today, too. It is the same holster as the Tactical Assault only in sharkskin. Those Wilson holsters are made by the evil competion-only stlye holster maker, SAFARILAND, so you know the quality is tops. This is kind of ironic, too.

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The best kept secret, and just made IDPA legal upon my request, is the Wilderness zip slide. I carries the 1911 high and tight and its velcro belt loops make it as easy-on and off as any paddle holster. I love mine.


check them out at http://www.thewilderness.com/Pages/home.html
Originally posted by 38 Super Combat Commander:
I was wondering what all you guys use for a holster in IDPA
Depends on what you want to do. If your desire is to have a fast holster because your mainly concerned with winning then I'd recomend either a straight drop kydex holster that is designed for speed like the ones made by KyTac, Blade Tech and others. Just as fast ans easier on your guns finish is the lined kydex holsters from Wilson and Hellweg. I use the Wilson Practical for my Beretta EII and a Hellweg KST-C for my 1911's. There are plans to remove IDPA sanctioning from the Hellweg holster so I will be replacing it with another Wilson when necessary.

If you want to compete in IDPA to improve your shooting with your carry gear then by all means use your carry holster. Several of our better local shooters use IWB's and score quite well.

Tim Bacus
Bacus Custom
Replaced my hellweg with a new SIDEARMOR straight drop. Great fit and finish and very fast holster IDPA Legal as well.

Need more info Email me

[email protected]
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Right now I shoot my custom Springfield 1911A1 in CDP using Elderton's Kytac setup. The only thing that slows you down when you're using Kytac holsters is the operator. You are the only limitation. The clamping pressure on the pistol is very adjustable if you were interested in using it for carry. It looks cool too if that's important (c'mon now, isn't it?).

For my heavily abused Glock 21 which I use in SSP, I've been using a Fobus paddle. I took LFI's StressFire with it last summer, and the combo worked famously. For the money, these are under rated holsters. To be honest tho - I'm getting a Kytac Tac-Pac for the G21 one of these days.

My conclusion:
Fobus: Real secure and pretty fast($).
Kytac: Pretty secure and REAL fast($$$).

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KyTac is my personal favorite. Secure and VERY fast. Order from Joe at SKDTAC (www.skdtac.com)
I use Ky-Tac, Safariland 561, Safariland 527, and Don Hume JIT.
I use my Versa Max 2. The same one I use for concealed carry every day. That is kinda the point isn't it?

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Galco G-Slide, works for all 3 of my IDPA legal pistols.

Lots of people I see use blade tech, milt sparks is very popular with the 1911 crowd.

Wilderness safepackers are a great way to unobtrusively carry a pistol while backpacking. Neat to see they have a slide holster too.
I use Ky-Tacs for my IDPA guns, a G17 and
a Smith 625. My 625 holster is incredibly fast.

I recently changed to a Blade Tech straight-drop holster. It is faster than my Galco. Good Shootin', Chico.
how well are the KY-TAC ITWB holsters compared to say a Milt Sparks summer special 2 or executive companion?i prefer comfort and concealability on the top of my list.
"Best" overall for IDPA IMO only, is David Elderton's Ky-Tac "Sooper Hooper" version of his "KT-1". FWIW, fairly sure the only major difference is the length or depth of the Speed Cut being less to confirm to IDPA "rules". Have tried 4 other makes of Kydex and Elderton's is easily the fastest and of no little importance is the "smoothness" of his holsters. You have to see & use one to really appreciate the thought and amount of hand-work he puts into ea. holster. My Ky-Tac gear came adjusted so well have yet to find a reason to play with same. His gear is just as he says it is on his site, rare in this day and age? http://hometown.aol.com/kytac The only negative that can "find" is sometimes the availability takes a while, by only my experience. David does quite a few colors and will do modifications to order, etc. Had mine done with some mods. which did add to the time frame. Have the impression he won't "rush" his gear just to get it out or make $. Have his holsters in both Dark Gray & Olive Drab. The O.D. especially, is a lot nicer looking and more subtle than one would first imagine. Joe @ SKD Tact. does keep the more popular gun makes/holsters in stock and has an excellent "thumbnail" lead-in about David & his Ky-Tac on his site that is well worth reading @ www.skdtac.com Still won't {can't!} give up fine leather like Alessi, Sparks, Kramer, etc. but for the heat and mugginess of Summer Ky-Tac's "Braveheart" IWB can't be beat for comfort, ease/speed of draw and his unique "Roc-Lok" stabilizer. Also very partial to Cen-Dex Kydex for CCW & IDPA. It is not built with tension screws but still is fast, very compact, well made/designed & nicely finished. It works {especially @ my level of ability!} just as well for IDPA style matches. www.cen-dex.com

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how many belt attachments does the braveheart have? i only see one in the pic and don't know how sturdy that would be.doesn't the holster move around ?

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Ky-Tac or Blade Tech. In that order. I dont like leather for IDPA. Too slow. After all, its a game, just like IPSC.

Tom Freeman http://www.limitedgun.com/PPPS
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