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follow this, and teach it:

Instictive Body position
Triger manipulation

it should become HABIT for you to do these things automatically after a while. seeing as this thread is related to "follow through" this would fall under Trigger manipulation. when you squese the trigger bring it back all the way to the rear then let go on the trigger, you should hear the sear clunk back into place. if you've ever played baseball you know followthrough is the second most important thing next to "keep your eye on the ball" if you swing a bat at a ball, and when your eye, and the vibrations tell you you've hit the ball, you have to keep on swinging the bat in its course. if you let up too soon, and anticipate when the bat is going to hit the ball you will lose all your power and your placement. i hope that explains it.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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