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Originally posted by Inspector Harry Callahan:
I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new Colt Reproduction 1911A1 so I've been doing some reading up on the little dandy. Colt's website describes the pistol as having a "pre" series 70 ignition system. I was under the impression that all Colt's without the Series 80 modification were considered the same. I'm aware of the differences between the 1911 and the A1 but what of this Pre Series 70 thing?

Was there a modification of the original Browning design before the Series 80 came along?
Yup... Many simplify things by calling Non S80's a Series 70, that usually means no FP Safety, but the S70's had Collet style Barrel Bushings, and the fingers were prone to breakage, so they went back to solid bushings.

There were a couple other minor changes that were ushered in with the S70, in the early 1970's as well, but most was cosmetic.

Pre-70's are more along the lines of the original Commercial models. They also had better detail and fit/finish, although the S70's weren't bad. Things started getting really bad in the 80's.

Hope you like the Repro Mil-Spec. For the money, I'd be looking elsewhere, although it is a novel approach, I just think that Colt could have done it for $600-700 instead of $900-1000. For that kind of money, and original WW2 Colt Property marked would be better.
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