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Anyone know exactly what kind of a firing pin Springfield uses in their loaded pistols? Is it a 9mm by any chance? The reason why I ask is because it is significantly different from my spare GI firing pins and from the Colt firing pins I have.

I like having spares can you tell? Will I have to call Springfield to get a couple of extras?

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Hi Sir

the new ones with the main spring housing latch seem to be using a 25# main spring
with a Ti firing pin. Probably for the Ca. testing. (the spring may not be that heavy but the top cap is long to work with the latch and it feels heavy. With the MIM hammer and sear they will surely get a work out!)

Yes on the loaded model they use the 9mm size firing pin, in there case .075 is the dia.
they are available from sources besides springfield.

your std. 45 pin is around .093 dia.

Try not to use a colt pin. they are .062 and will swim in the hole.

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