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Been checking out this issue on several brands...appears all major volume manufacturers are using cast or MIM parts on their entry level guns (grip safety, MSH, hammer, sear, disconnector, extractor, etc.). Was kinda surprised to see that Kimber does too.

Which parts on the Custom Classic? Same as above? More? Less?


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This is what Dane Burns says about MIM.
"MIM? Here is what I routinely replace on any Kimber because of what I have
seen break. I might replace other parts that are MIM but I don't think it is
mandatory, just wise. These are on my list of must do: bushing, firing pin
stop, slide stop. In my own guns I like to replace, hammer sear and
disconector, thumb safety...more MIM".

BTW I have had no problems with the MIM parts in my goldmatch.

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Anyone that replaces their MIM parts I would love it if you would send me your old parts since you aren’t going to be using them. They are perfectly good parts and I would love to use them when building my new pistol.

Please e-mail me if you wish to give me your MIM parts.

Locking leaver
Palm safety
Firing pin stop
Slide stop
Mag release
Barrel bushing
Not sure about the extractor and ejector?

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