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What should my next 1911 be ?

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I have decided I need 1 more 1911 45acp. My current stock is as follows (and all are keepers, all work great and are not trade options or needing replacement) I just need advice on what 5 inch to add.

So, current collection is 1) a scandium commander, 45 acp. It is a carry gun and sometimes IDPA gun; 2) Kimber 5 inch 9mm 1911. It is my main IDPA gun. not for carry; 3)Kimber BP 10 II..a 4 inch 45 ACP with 13+1 mag capacity. Lower is polymer frame. This gun is quite light until you add 14 45 slugs, good carry gun, more compact than you would expect, excellant carry gun.; 4) Colt Double Eagle commander. I got it first because I was more comfortable with DA/SA guns. Now that I feel safe with the "cocked and locked" carry mode, I branched out into the other guns about.

what I want is a 5 inch 45 acp. Actually want some heft to it so I can shoot it a lot and not aggrivate my carpel tunnel much. Not weight just for weights sake but to minimize recoil or the gun. I would use it for IDPA and hunting the dreaded tin can at the range. I breifly had a Springfield, I traded it toward my S&W. I am 99% sure I want a S&W. The quality of my 1911PD is just outstanding. The only other consideration is to get a kimber exactly like my 9mm so transfer of training will occur and make it easy to go back and forth between the 2 guns.

thanks for you help. I will post this also on the kimber board to what their view is of this question

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