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Whatcha know about Safari Arms pistols?

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Perusing OlympicArms site the other day, I saw the Safari Arms pistols they offer. I had forgotten about them completely - used to see them at shows occasionally.

Anyway, same old questions - what is the quality level like, reliability, etc. - never cared for the "finger groove(?)" frame but the quality looked good on the few I saw several years ago.

Anyone seen and shot the latest? Good, Bad or ??
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I see their semi-factory display at our local gunshow. I have not shot any of their products, but I have seen them up close. They appear to be of good quality, with a lot of the same "features" that are seen on Kimbers, etc. I don't see much written on them, either. Safari/Olympic is supposedly merging with High Standard, and the Safari guns will be marketed in the U.S. under the High Standard name. Maybe the guns will become more visible.

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It is odd that they seem to have no press.
It's probably been 5 years or more since I've seen one.

Like you say, features are there and the ones seen in the past appeared to be of high quality. Have yet to see one in use or hear any feedback. IIRC, seems Safari was in AZ before Olympic purchased them - could be mistaken...
Olympic has done a pretty good job of keeping their AR's out there. Maybe pistol production is very limited.

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