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What's a good price for a XSE?

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What's the best price that you've seen lately for a full size XSE? Also I noticed a trigger on a new XSE had a trigger just like the one's on Springfield's. Has Colt switched?
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Around $750 plus shipping is the best I've seen. Locally they are over $800 in my area.
Several people have reported seeing new XSE's with the 3 hole style trigger. Some have also reported seeing XSE's shipping with ambi safeties.
Have an XSE all steel commander if interested... Email me...
I saw a XSE Commander for $745, but I have not seen the full size.
I've only seen the three hole trigger on the LW Commanders. I prefer the two oval trigger myself, but don't know if it's a permenant change or not.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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