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Whats better recoil/barrel design;Defender or Officers?

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I understand that the Officers is a slightly longer barrel with a (troublesome?)barrel bushing,I'm not sure if the officers has fullength guiderod or not.I beleive the Defender has a bull barrel/double captured recoil spring setup like the Kimber ultra carry.I ask cause I prefer the officers size and proportion,but have heard many bad things about the factory recoil system/bushing breaking .I wonder if the current models have an upgraded/improved sytem or if their still prone to failure?

I don't see much talk or recognition of ownership here,maybe the officers inherant lack of reliability is why?

Do they currently make the officers with an aluminum frame?

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I believe that the Defender is a better set up. Less parts, less problems.

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The Colt Defender is the better system. I have tried them all and the Defender system works the best. I dont really like guide rods, but in the case of the Defender it really makes the whole system function as it should.
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