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I am thinking about picking up a very nice Colt. It is a SS Enhanced Gov Model in .45 ACP. I know this pistol. It has less than 200 rounds through it. It belonged to my late father. I don't want to simply ask my Mother for it. I know she could use the money. I want to be be fair about the price, to her and to me. She knows all she has to do is ask. Like most Mom's she is a proud woman. This pistol has been sitting in the safe for over two years.

Although this pistol really isn't all that special, it is very clean and unaltered.

Can you guys give me a fair price?

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I paid $550 for one of those in about %98 shape 2 months ago. No box, one mag.. Around here decent Colt's availabiliy has dried up. Your gun, if purchased in a gun shop probably went for $675 in 1997 or so.
That said I'd say give her $600.
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