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What's your class in IDPA and/or USPSA?

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Just wondering what everyone's shooting level is. Before I retired from IPSC/USPSA I was in C-class. I currently am a sharpshooter in all four IDPA divisions.
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I am about dead in the middle of Sharp Shooter in three divisions in IDPA. For some reason I'm having trouble everytime I shoot the classifier with my HiPower in ESP. I just miss moving out of Marksman and into Sharp Shooter class by about 1.5 seconds. There must be some kind of a jinx. Last week I didn't get a mag seated in Stage three twice and required a tap-rack both times. That did it.
Expert in IDPA and "A" class in IPSC and my local league. I may start shooting IDPA again to see if I can move up.
Sharpshooter in CDP and SSP with IDPA. I declared Sharpshooter in ESP, no way anybody in my club was going to let me shoot ESP in Marksman. I am planning to shoot it in a classifier soon just to see how I am doing.

When I shot the IDPA Nationals last year, I screwed up one stage and it dropped me out of the top third of my class. I guess am where I should be.

I was an IPSC "A" class shooter since 1979
and a 4 gun Master IDPA shooter since 1999

Mike Benedict
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Is there a "Danger to Himself and Others" class? If so, I'm just above that. ;-)

Steve "El Roto" G.
Will al you SS CDP guys go ahead and move on up to Expert before Nationals... I'd like to win something every now and then!
I have noticed most of the guys that are SS ESP seem to be a lot quicker than I am. At least when I compair myself to the competition in CDP, I wind up in the top 1/4. In ESP I am lucky to be in the top 1/2

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Bubba, You don't have to worry about me, I was toward the bottom third of CDP/SS at the 2000 National.
I'm a D class shooter in USPSA. My problem is I don't get to go to very many shoots, but I'm working on that.

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I was a 'C' class IPSC shooter, although I haven't done that game for 2-3 years. In IDPA, I currently shoot 'Expert' in CDP (Les Baer Concept VII, S&W 945 and Kimber Classic Custom) and SSP (Glock 34) and I'm working on ESP (SV Infinity Compact). I plan to get a revolver soon and hope to be a "4-gun Expert" by the end of the year.
Sharpshooter in ESP. Have a Steyr M9 on the way to try in SSP. What a great sport. Tried it for the first time this summer at a club about 1 hour from where I live and LOVED IT! Now there is also a club 1/2 hour from my house that will also be hosting IDPA shoots this Summer. Just think: 2 IDPA shoots per month with minimal driving. Will probably come home to find my clothes out on the front lawn
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USPSA A class in both open and limited.
Ricky T, I annoint you master class "limp noodle" in the SSP mainspring division.
IDPA 4 Gun Expert. I have come within 2 seconds of Master in SSP but I'm slow on the draw.
SSP- Beretta 92
ESP- Glock 19
CDP- Kimber LE
SSR- S&W 586
Just a note, most are probably aware, but IDPA requires you to shoot the classifier twice if you are using a gun that qualifies for two divisions such as a Glock, you can't use the same score for both.
Whats the one at the very bottom....?

well heck...I don't plan on staying there.

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It's been 4 years since my last IPSC match, back then I was B in both open and limited. I'm getting the itch, soon I'll compete again. I haven't tried IDPA yet, but many pin shooters would like me to try it.

Good day

( wanna be hoser )

Open Class Master 38 Super STI Racegun


ESP Master Caspian 38 Super
SSP Master Beretta 92G Elite

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