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I hope this helps.

Price used as I have seen the 1996A2's depends on the guns and accessories meaning whether it was hard chromed, bomars (which were used), tritium sights, all of the paperwork (test target and the like), and, of course, condition of the gun.

It is hard to give a value as prices are very regional on used high end guns as well as used production guns.

A park, no trit sight, non ambi, with all original stuff (bag, mags, test target, etc.) , should sell in the $1000 plus or minus $100.

Blue add about $50, tritium sights add another $50.

Everything depends on how "hungry" the seller is.

The need to sell is your driving factor on the buy. Most of you guys are hunters in waiting for the perfect shot to come by. Your patience can and will pay off.

I passed on one at $800 at a local show last fall. Well worn with no bag or papers. I was in no need of buying then. To me with the well worn condition and all else it was worth only $500.

A gun with none of the supporting documention does not sell or resell well.

Be safe and keep the brass flying

Terry Peters

P.S. My preference on the Wilson guns is the 1996A2. It was my test/display gun (we had shot about 8 thousand out of it for demo and fun) until someone bought it out of the store. I have never been a big fan of checkering. I like smooth or serrations.

I just got the three guns used in the California DOJ testing by Scott, Mcdougal and Associaties for display and store guns.

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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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