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NEED A 7" barrel and a slide thanks
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Ed Brown, Les Baer, SVI, STI and just about every Custom 1911 Builder offers a 6" Model, but I have not seen any 7s. You made be able to get a 7" Barrel made to fit a 6" Slide (you'll have an inch sticking out at the muzzel) from Bar-Sto or someother Custom Barrel Maker. Good Luck!
Many moons ago, I think Jim Clark Sr. cut an inch out of the middle of a 5 inch slide and then welded it into another to make a 6 incher. Couldn't this be done with a 2 inch piece to make a 7 inch slide? Find a good pistolsmith / welder. It could be possible.

I would think that Kart would make a 7 inch barrel, for a price, I'm sure!

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There's been a 7" longslide listed on Gunsamerica.com like that under custom pistols.
I have seen 7 inchers in Gunlist.
Why? Long slide guns cycle slow enough to take a nap between shots...

I don’t know of any slide makers who offer longer than 6 inch slides. Few smiths will weld up a slide to seven inches for less than an arm.

Holsters will be impossible to find and an expensive custom only option.

I went the 6 inch 1911 route once. I won’t make that mistake again.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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