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Where can I get just the lower

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Yea, just the lower unit, frame trigger group.. ect basicly everything without the slide and barrel, for mounting the CCU on.

Would it be best for me to just get a cheap RIA to put it on?
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I would recommend a Springfield Mil-Spec. That way, you have a good quality 1911 AND a frame for your CCU conversion. Just my .02:)

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hey thanks for the reply, I've thought something similar..

But it was about the RIA, See I'm not like.. rich and computer upgrades must be made along with the CCU business.

I've already got a Stainless SA Mil-spec, but I don't want to always switch the uppers.. I'd rather have it as a stand alone .45acp carbine.. as of right now I've figured this to cost me around $650 out the door, that's with the CCU costing me $279, and the RIA $329 Does anyone know how I could put this together cheaper?
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