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Where to buy Lock-tite?

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Where can I buy this stuff and which color should I use? I need to tighten my rear Novak sight on my Springfield 1911 as it has started to loosen and move back and forth. Thanks.
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Most hardware stores carry it. Home Depot should have it. Any automotive supply company will carry it.

You will want to use the blue compound. Red is available, but it bonds with a much higher tolerance, and requires heat and severe torque to loosen.

If your sight is very loose, the Loc-Tite will only be a temporary solution. You may need to purchase a new sight and have it fitted to your dovetail.
My Heinie Straight Eight was loose as a goose in my Glock. Loctite Blue has kept it tight as a drum for over 15K rounds of Wolf.
I found red one at local Walmart store (auto department), as well as blue and read at Academy Sports. If they have a chain in your area, check them out. Good luck.
definitely go with the blue (242).
If it isn't real loose,do this:take the sight out and get a sharp prick punch or regrind a center punch finer.Punch a few spots under the sight,4-6 usually works.What you're doing is swaging up some metal like little volcanos.Clean the area spotless with alcohol or brake cleaner,put a drop of blue locktite on and smear into and around the punch marks.Reinstall the sight,clean up what was pushed out with some alcohol on a patch,and let sit overnight.Don't forget to mark the sight position before you remove it if it will stay for a few shots to sight it or sight it immediately after you reinstall it.You don't want to break the bond after the locktite sets up.This works without locktite if the sight is snug but will move if hit on something.Any auto supply store like NAPA carrys this stuff,but only use 242 blue.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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