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Where to find Bul or Kimber Hicaps?

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Where to find Bul or Kimber Hicaps?

Thinking about purchasing a Kimber Poly or a Bul 1911. One of the reasons for that wide grip is to hold high (standard) capacity magazines that don’t stick out two feet.

Before I place an order for one of these 1911 that comes with one or two neutered mags, I want to make sure that I can secure 3-4 others magazines with my purchase.

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Currently, I've got five high cap Kimber (14 round .45acp) mags here up for sale. They're in 95%-98% condition.

Kimber sells theirs for $120.00 new. I'm asking 89.95 each for my used ones.

If you're interested, go ahead and email me at [email protected] I've also got references on AuctionArms, eBay, and GunBroker, too.


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Umm, $20-$50? I just checked both current and ended auctions for the last three months.

Only two were sold and they went for $92.00 each.

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