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Where to find info on polishing & home smithing?

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Is there a good website or book? I know how to polish the feed ramp but thats about all. I'd like to be able to do more minor things like that that help performance etc. but need a source with pictures! Ha!
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From my experience sources are (no order):
1. Jerry Kungshausen (sp?) books. First is a must, second is highly recommended.
2. This forum
3. Search Net for 1911
4. Go to gun show(s) and talk to people.


There are many good books available.
1. Kuhnhausen's books
2. Hallocks .45 auto handbook
3. Bill Wilsons combat customizing the 1911 auto
4. Patrick Sweeney Gunsmithing Pistols and revolvers
5. and finally 45 auto custom touches by R.D.Nye
and there are a few outfits that offer videos.
They all have a little to offer but I have not found the all in one book yet!
Hope this helps and I have a little website that has a little info on it that might interest you WWW.blindhogg.com
Hope this helps

Chris from va
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Thanks to all, ordered some books, great websight blindhog!!! That reptilian checkering is the baddest!
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