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Where to get an Emerson?

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I am looking for an Emerson Specwar knive that has a plain black blade and spear tip. Simple enough but it seems that only one or two companies that I've found sell it. Botac has it but I'm trying to find out if they have it instock. Tacticaledge.com has it also but its $200, about $90 more than Botac. Tacticaledge.com also has another knife thats a mix between the CQC-7 and Specwar knives but it has the wave feature which I am not to fond of. The only way I'd consider that knife is if the wave doesn't get in the way when you just want to take your knife out and not open it up. Anyone know where else I can find this knife or am I just out of luck.
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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