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Where would one find Colt Officers ACP length mags for 38 Super or 9X23?

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Let me guess, custom made only?
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Good luck... I've been looking...

Anything that you do will require some custom work, but it's not impossible.
I just noticed on Dane Burn's thread, "The Best Damn Raffle Ever", there is a photo of a Richard Heinie 9X23 built on a Springfield Compact. He must have the shorter magazines for it. I will pursue this further and let you know what I find.

I, too, would like to find out about this. I have a Colt CCO and it is an outstanding carry piece, but I think one in 38 Super (a cartridge I am just getting into, but enjoying very much) or 9x23 would be awesome!

Big Arm
I received a reply form Richard Heinie on the Gunspot Forum. He is a moderator there. He said the Springfield 9X23 is a Commander, not a Compact. If I want .38 or 9mm magazines for a Compact, they must be cut down from full size magazines. There's our answer men. It's a custom job or nothing. I also have a C.C.O. that I would consider having converted to 9X23 as a backup to that full size 9X23 that I have been dreaming about all day. Although, a new slide, barrel and custom made magazines would really run up the price of converting the C.C.O. Ouch! Maybe "cost prohibitive". I hate those 2 words.
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I searched for months for officer length 38 super mags before hacking mine off. Not a hard job at all.

Took all of 45 minutes each. If you don’t have access to a welder you will need a gunsmith.

If you need specific details, contact me anytime.

Tom Freeman
I remember an article about a Officers Model in 38 Super by Terry Tussy. I think he does the mag. conversions. address www.tusseycustom.com JohnH

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I found them on the Metalform web page. Also, if you take the metalform std size 38 super mags with the removable base plates, remove the base plate and replace it with the Wilson base plate that converts their std mags to officer use, you have carry mags with increased capacity. The Wilson base plate hole need to be enlarged and a little counter sunk to allow the Metalform base holder to fit the Wilson hole.

I started this thread over 5 years ago, which was before Metalform introduced the Officer's ACP size 38 Super magazines. They are now available. 5 years ago, they were not.
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