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Back to internal-extractors?

For me that is the best thing that could happen with Kimbers! ( if they went back to the internal that is) even though others have externals and seem to work without a problem now. Kimber has had their share of problems with their design. I think It was a mistake for them to change the extractor! if it was to save money! I really don't think it has been possible with the amount of problems they have had with them all the while also damaging their name.

Many have sent there guns in several times before the right extractor worked. I am an internal guy. I have nothing against a proven well working ex-extractor but with the Kimbers I have lost my faith in them. I always look for internal only when buying and will not even consider one with an ex. Just my preference for me not to mention the looks of the gun are diminished with the ex. :grumble:

All in all I do like Kimbers and think they make a real good gun, MIM really doesn’t bother me that much, and they don't seem to have the machine problems of other manfactures and it serves as a good base gun for a smith to perform his magic on. :D

Oh yea! I have a UCDP II with the internal-ex and it is a great gun without any problems other than a few minor feed problems using the Kimber mag like 3 out of 400 rounds or so. But when using the Wilson mags she is flawless. :D :D :D
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