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Which barrel link?

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I need a barrel link for the project gun I posted about earlier. It's a bull barrel (Wilson/Nowlin ramp). Th only part I'm lacking in putting the gun together is this link. Which size should I get? Or should I get a number of different sizes? I'm having a smith' put it together but I haven't been able to get thru to him to ask him which one to get. Thanks in advance for any info.
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The link will be detemined by the vertical "stacking" dimension of the individual gun when the lower feet of the barrel are cut to rest on the slide stop. The standard link is a #3(.278"). The next longer link is a #4(.283"),and then a #5(.288"). Your Gunsmith will fit the proper link to time the link down, or arc of the barrel, to match the timing of the slide as it moves rearward out of the upper lugs and out of battery. And, of course the reciprocal of the slide returning to battery, the barrel arcing upward into the upper lugs, and the lower feet locking up securely on the slide stop.
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Actually, you can buy links in just about .001" increments if you shop around. Brownells has, in the past, carried links from enough different vendors to do just that. I'm sure you can still get them from the individual vendors if not from Brownells. Don't limit yourself to .005" increments.
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