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which custom platform to go with?

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first I wanted a norinco but learned that since I live in CA that is out of the question. then I wanted colt sistema but heard that the hardness of the steel is not that good and now I just don't know what I should do.

I have just decided to get a 1911 and customize it. but I don't know what platform to go with. my dilemma is that since it is my first time I don't want spend to much money but if I would manage to do a good job I don't want the result to be mediocre because of the quality of the platform or if I do a mediocre job I don't want to be able to blame anything but the quality of my work.

also, I was planning to convert it to a 9mm but I have heard so many different claims about that. one article (in combat handguns i think) claims that all you need when it comes to parts are new barrel, bushing and springs. others clam that it is a whole lot more complicated than that.

should I go with a 9mm platform and if so, will this give me fewer and more expensive options?

I would appreciate any help I can get.
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Two questions:

What are you going to use it for?

How much money are you planning on spending?

For not much money, in relation to a custom built gun, you could get a SA Loaded in 9mm, a Colt 1991 in 9mm, and be set up fairly well. Another option is to buy a 1911 in .38 Super and have it rebarreled.

If the pistol is a .45 and you want to go to 9mm, I think you are asking for a lot of challenges. It can be done, all it takes is time and money.


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I can spend about $400-500.

I want to use it for target shooting only. so I guess maximum accuracy in the goal rather then 100% reliability.

I wouldn't mind a used gun as long as it doesn't effect the end result.

thanks Johon

Do yourself a favor and take John's advice. Apart from the barrel, bushing and springs, you'll also need a new extractor and ejector. The feed ramp is steeper on a 9mm frame, which means that you may have to recut the frame. By the time you're finished the costs could be well over $400-500 and then you won't be sure the gun is reliable. In the end, it's cheaper and safer to buy a new or used 1911 in 9mm.
You should be able to find a nice used 9mm at a store or gun show that would be in your price range. I always recommend a Star 9mm but no one in the Forum seems to care for them. I just saw an add for them for $195.00 and was tempted to buy one. They are a 1911 style about 7/8ths the size of a government model 45 ACP. No grip safety and a slightly different trigger set up but they are priced right and fun to play with. I find them to be better than I can shoot them for accuracy and they are reliable out of the box. I prefer the 38 Super version but the 9mm is fun to tinker with. At least when you destroy one, you won't lose as much.
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