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Which Custom Shop?

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I live in Oregon and would like to visit a custom shop to see examples of their work before I place an order. Can anyone recommend some smiths in the Pacific NW that I could contact?

Outside of visiting the shop how do I identify members of this site that do custom work, other than those on the 'links' page? Would someone recommend a couple of people to me that I could contact?
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Dane Burns is in Washington. I have seen and handled his work and have agun being done now. I highly reccomend him. www.pistolsmith.com

George Long is in Oregon. I have never dealt with him or seen his work but he is listed in American Handgunners "Club 100". You might check him out(541)476-7552.
How do, dream45!
I'm in Portland, too.
Post your Q over at pistolsmith.
I'm interested as well.
There's a guy just south of here, see if I can find the info again.
Thanks Younggun!

I will check these out. Keep them comming
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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