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Which gun for IPSC?

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I am having a reel hard time trying to decide which gun I should by for IPSC Limited class. Two things are for sure I want to shoot .40 cal and I do not have enough money to buy a SV or STI or such. Am considering the following (Para P16-40) or (Glock 35) or even going with a single stack and shooting in Limited 10 (Kimber Custom target) Am I fair in saying that Kimber makes a far supperior pistol then Para. The more the kimber costs is made up by not having to buy costly Hi-cap mags. The Glock comes in to play for this is the gun I carry on a daily basis. I like there simple design and I don't need a gunsmithing degree to work on them. Problems there trigger is not quite as fast and with there light wait they tend to have a little more muzzle flip then what I notice with a 1911. I am shooting a buddy of mines Para 16 and am having a few reliability problems now this is something in which I am not used to with my glock. In the past to IPSC matchs in which I used his pistol I have had a few jams. His is an older para and not the limited but he has had a lot of work done to it. Thats about all for now let me know what you all think.
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There is nothing wrong with a Glock 35 in Limited 10. Another option might be a Kimber in .40. I have one and really like it. The G 35 is one of the most versatile guns made. If you can learn to do a short reset with the Glock trigger your taps will be just as fast as with a 1911. In most stages what you are doing when you are not pulling the trigger can really make a difference. Plan your movement and mag changes.
Some people do well with Glocks but in my opinion few people won't do better with a 1911. I think a Kimber and Limited 10 are a great way to start IPSC. If you want to really move up in ranking, you have to learn to reload fast and few people do that if they start with a hi-cap.
Get the Para P-16-40. You can put only 10 rounds in the mags if you wish, but you can never fit 20 rounds in a single stack if you want to.

When you own your own Para you will work out a bug or two and get it stone cold reliable. It will come with a coupon for you to purchase two mags for $99 postpaid, the preban price. You can buy more mags later.
A buddy of mine competes with at Glock 35 in Limited, and has no troubles. Hi-caps are abundant and legally made, accessories abound, with a punch and some common sense you can be your own gunsmith, and you can get one heck of a setup with mags, acessories and parts for under $1200. I personally shoot and love my SVI, but am seriously thinking about competing with my Kimber in L-10 next match.
If you go with the Glock, shoot it in production class with 10 round mags. You could shoot it in Limited or Limited 10, but why would you want to?

Limited 10 with a Kimber is a good way to go.
banjobart, "Get the Para..."

Been there done that and so have 6 or 7 of my buddies. You will get to memorize your gunsmith's phone number and you will end up replacing most of the gun before you put 20,000 rounds through it.

Buy a Kimber and shoot Limited 10 until you can afford an STI or SV. Para's simply don't hold up if you shoot them a lot. The Dawson looks like a good deal though and probably has most of the junk parts already replaced.

Kdog, if you do go with the Glock, get something other than the 34/35 and shoot production class with it.
I'd go with a Para P-16 Limited or Dawson's Para. Great gun for the money. I have four Para's and all are set up for IPSC competition and all are solid reliable. 28% of shooters at Limited Nationals last year shot Paras.

If you want a great trigger on a stock Para an action job would be needed. If your serious about IPSC an action job would be needed on most any noncustom or semicustom 1911.

Good Luck with whatever you choose, Ed.
I would go with the Para. As for them not holding up go to my web site and view the video you will see I'm shooting the All-Sport Forty. The gun I'm shooting in the video is way past the 2o,ooo round mark with no problems. I also might add that the loads I'm using for pins is making a 210 power factor. Shoot the limited class and if at a later date you want to shoot an open gun it will not be hard to convert your limited gun to an open gun. If you view the video notice how flat the gun sits in my hand.
Regards,Bob Hunter. www.huntercustoms.com
I don't need a gunsmith, I have a Dremel.

...just kidding.
Here's the key with Para. The internals(hammer, sear, ect) are crap. Cast and rough finished. If you are willing to spend $200 or so bucks on a trigger job, they turn out to be MUCH better. There are several other places Paras can use some TLC, most notably the slide stop. If I was gonna buy a hi-cap gun new, I would probably go with an STI. But, don't belive the Para's can't be made into very servicable guns(servicable enough to win 5 Nationals and a world championship
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I also know the shooter Austin speaks of - and he RULES B class! (well, here in Reno anyway...)

You can do fine with a Glock. I took 3rd couple of weeks ago with my G-19! Only 3 people shooting in production class that day... but I did it left handed! (really!)

If you got a Glock, start there. If you have a Kimber, use it to... Just avoid 9mm... I get sick of triple tapping those large steel things that we don't see much in IDPA... (LOL)
Thanks for all the good advice.
I bought my IPSC gun today.

The reason I chose the para was I really wanted to shoot in Limited and not lim-10 or production. I like competeing with larger groups. I could not afford a SV or STI right now and since this is going to be my first full year competeing I figured I will have a lot of other issues besides just the gun. After field striping the gun today I see there are areas in need of work, this does not bother me infact I am kinda looking forward to it. I just need to get a good book and I will be set. I figured if I am going to get serious in this sport then I had better start knowing my 1911. All your comments mad my desison very difficult I went back and forth a couple of times. I do really like the quality of the Kimbers and it will be my next 1911. I have a Glock 23 in which I carry and a Glock 17 which I use in IDPA and I love those guns dearly, you just can't get them not to function, its simple you pull the trigger and a bullet comes out its that simple. Thats why the G35 made the P16 a tough choice. Felt a need for a challange so I chose to go with the para and learn something new. Besides if I didn't make a dissision soon my wife was going to spend my new gun fund money on something eles. HAHA

Thanks Again to all

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Now that you have the Limited, be sure to get Dawson base pads. If memory serves, with his base pads you can get 21 in the mag. Now that's happiness!
Get the PAra. I the BUL m5 with para pre ban p 16 mags. great gun
I'm glad you got the Para. It's not a custom gun & it sure as heck isn't priced like one. Don't know where the feed problem or the can't take a beating comments come from. Mine's had 20k plus rounds through it. So far any reliability problems have been my reloads. Only part that failed is a bushing. My gun has an S&A magwell, Brown trigger and an extended mag release as the only modifications. I like the mag release, now know I probably didn't need a new trigger and question how much the magwell is needed given the taper in the magazines as they transition from double stack to the single round. Everything else on the gun is stock PAra, I even just went back to the PAra grips. As for the problems, maybe too many people are making too many changes to a good thing & screwing it up. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. You'll have more money for ammo. Have fun & enjoy the gun.
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