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which mag to use with cdp pro

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i'm gonna buy a few wilson mags - my question is should i get a 7 or 8 capacity mag. - i plan on loading one less than cap. since i have read reports that say one less than cap. saves springs big time.
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thanx guys - LOL - freemont, funny thing about that thread is it doesnt really answer my question. 1/2 the guy's say 7 rounder's - the other half say's 8 rounders loaded to 7. which is exactly my delema - guess it doesnt matter. i'll only get 7 shots - but if in fact it'll save the springs (i do plan on getting 4 - 6 and rotating) i'll spend the extra $1.00 for longer life before i have to replace the springs

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Originally posted by fremont:
Hmmm.....from a reliability standpoint, I got the clear impression that the consensus opinion said get the 7 rd'ers. That's what I'm carrying.
fremont- i'm not tring to be diffecult here - i truely thank you for your replies (only 1 of 2) - i want back and counted responses - here's what i came up with

3 people clearly said 7 not 8

2 people said there's no diff but i'd probally go with the 7

4 people said 8 loaded with seven (including 1 who said load the full 8 as back up, and when you slam it home it'll be loaded w/7)

4 people said 8
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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