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which mag to use with cdp pro

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i'm gonna buy a few wilson mags - my question is should i get a 7 or 8 capacity mag. - i plan on loading one less than cap. since i have read reports that say one less than cap. saves springs big time.
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I think you will find everyone will agree the 7 rounders are reliable. Most people seem to think the 8 rounders are reliable. The people I spoke with that had problems with 8 rounders were not using Wilson mags.

My advice, if you are a belt and suspenders kind of guy, get the seven rounders and sleep well. Otherwise buy the eight rounders. Load either to capacity.

What I did for my pro-CDP was buy 8 rounders. I load them to capacity. The last 500 rounds of various types of ammo I ran through my pro-CDP did so with no malfunctions.

-just one man's opinion . . .
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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