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Which magazine for a SA loaded 9mm?

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A good friend just purchased a SA Loaded 9mm. It is a beautiful, well fitted piece of equipment but now he wants some additional mags.

Who makes the best magazine out there for a 9mm 1911?
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Did a quick scan in Brownells. Metalform has them in 9rd. SS and carbon. Most of the .38 Super mags are available in 10rd. I would think if you used the 147gr bullet and loaded it long the Super mags would work fine. Seems like I was able to get an OAL of around 1.160-1.180" using the 147gr bullet. That OAL is longer than the .45 Federal WC match loads I shot for years.
I like the Colt factory mags the best.If you can`t get those go for Metalforms.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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