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Well then, I’m glad you ‘kinda like me’. The people who spout ‘shoot what you carry’ generally do carry with IDPA legal gear (by choice or coincidence). No one asked you to change your gear, no one asked vic303 to change her gear, and she never mentioned her carry rigs were not on the approved list. Many folks feel it is a good idea to shoot what you carry to increase your familiarity and muscle memory with your carry rig. Of course, any trigger time is better than no trigger time, and if you have to shoot something else, that's fine too.

As a side note vic303, you could probably shoot with the Tucker holster without any trouble. I’ve never seen a club level match where someone was turned away for a practical holster that is not in the book. IIRC, the rule book also mentions that women are to be given ‘ahem’ special consideration with regards to holster choice since it is typically harder to find a holster that fits and works. Regardless of what you choose, go have fun.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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