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Which Wilson mag do I use?? Their site sucks!

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I go to the Wilson site mag page and see "fit codes" but I can't find the key/legend! Per advice here everyone says order "47D" mags I call Wilson the guy says no order "47DC". I have a Kimber Pro Carry (full size grip) I want the look alike mag to what it came with, stainless and flat flush fitting to the bottom of the grip, but in 8 rnd size. Be nice if the site had pics to see as you order. Anyone know the one I should get?
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Does Wilson's site suck, or just the guy you spoke with on the phone? The 47D is the 8 round full-sized mag. What you need to know is what the C means. That means it comes with a low profile steel base pad, so the fit codes really aren't going to help you too much.

FYI, the low profile steel base pads will not allow the magazine to fit flush with the base of your gun. I have these on all my carry mags. The magazine will still protrude slightly from the base, which is good for slamming in new mags. A little extra helps to make sure the mag seats properly. The regular 47Ds will have the thick plastic base pad that protrudes even further.

You do not want the steel base pad for your practice mags for doing combat reloads. Plastic does a much better job of absorbing shock on a hard surface than the steel does.
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I did some quick drills the other day and couldn't get the flush mags to seat very well, or fast. I may use my factory mag as the first loaded mag in the gun, but the others will have base pads to ensure a solid seat.
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