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who can mill a lot of grips for me?

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looking for those who can make the full spectrum of grip types out of the wood i send them. I have accumulated enough wood for over 3000 sets of grips. Just looking to get them milled, we can do finish sanding and sealing them. I have 3 people doing this now but looking for a few more. No hurries, no specific quantities at a time. Can ship a little or alot, will include prepaid return shipping label with the box of wood. i know there is another post on this- i didnt want to hijack him and besides i am looking a a huge quantity. Particularly looking for someone that makes double action revolver grips. Thanks in advance!
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my plans are to keep the very best for myself, then put the next best on special guns and sell the rest off to recoup the investment. Not interested in starting an online business and selling there! so i am not going to compete with established gripmakers at all. I found it very hard to find a source of ultra premium grips at a reasonable price so decided to make my own.
some of the woods i have are sonoran ironwood, curly koa, turkish and many other types of walnut, pomelle sapelle, bubinga, wenge, pyinma, sindora, hopea, camel thorn, cocobolos and rosewoods, european birchs and elms, olivewood, zebrawood, all manner of spalteds, every maple and oak there is, chittum, thuya, afzelia, amboyna, myrtle, redwood, macadamia, holly, all types of fruit trees, ebony, sheoak, gidgee, malees, and many more. Most are already cut into scales, finished on at least one side and ready to mill. The rest are in larger blocks ready to be cut into size according to the requirements of a particular grip. And i amost forgot the synthetics like kirinite. And bone and horn. Semi precious stones like jade, turquoise, tiger eye, malachite and lapis both in natural and man made forms are looking for the right person to carve them into grips. I have been very busy. i have made connections with many of the major wood brokers around the world for a continued supply of high grade woods. We are even setup and make our own lichtenstein grips (electrocuted with miniature lightning bolts in the wood). There is more wood coming too- about 100 pairs equivalent or so every week. Anything worth doing is worth overdoing!
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the response has been underwhelming...
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