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Who else “tucks things away” and ends up not being able to find them?

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Am I the only idiot that does this.
I just went out of town for the weekend and there was this oddball magazine sitting on my bench.
Hard to find, expensive etc so I figure I will just put it out of sight in the off chance some idiot breaks in and pockets it.

Two weeks later and that magazine is missing in action.
I have NO ideal where I might have thought was sufficiently ‘out of sight’.
So another episode of turning the house upside down to find the damn thing.

The worse ever was a BHP I stashed somewhere- it took me two years to find it..

I keep hoping on one of these searches I’ll find something another home owner here stashed up in the rafters.
THAT hasn’t happened yet but I’m still missing a case of 5.56 and an oddball magazine..
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Speaking of wives ……

A few years ago I was searching high and low for my eyeglasses. I NEVER miss-place them. My wife saw how upset I was and joined the search.

after turning the house and the vehicle’s upside down, I happen to look over at her and notice that she is wearing them.

Bless her heart.
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