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Who else “tucks things away” and ends up not being able to find them?

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Am I the only idiot that does this.
I just went out of town for the weekend and there was this oddball magazine sitting on my bench.
Hard to find, expensive etc so I figure I will just put it out of sight in the off chance some idiot breaks in and pockets it.

Two weeks later and that magazine is missing in action.
I have NO ideal where I might have thought was sufficiently ‘out of sight’.
So another episode of turning the house upside down to find the damn thing.

The worse ever was a BHP I stashed somewhere- it took me two years to find it..

I keep hoping on one of these searches I’ll find something another home owner here stashed up in the rafters.
THAT hasn’t happened yet but I’m still missing a case of 5.56 and an oddball magazine..
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My bride of 53 years, helped me organize my weapons cleaning and reloading stuff a while back. The dies are now lined up on shelves at the back of the press area, and the other gear and components are in sealable tubs on furniture dollies under the benches. All of the precision case gauges are in old medication bottles well labeled. The screwdrivers and other hand tools are on hangers on the peg board behind the benches. She also is the reason I have such a heavy-duty bench. It's an "L" shaped setup with 4x4 legs and a 3/4 inch Ciroan top. She was once employed at the wholesale building supplier and handled Corian products. She's also the reason why all of the home countertops and all 3 baths have Corian tops and bath enclosures.
I'm concerned about you retaining your man card..........

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