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Who makes a blued, arched, & serrated (NOT checkered) MS housing for an Officers ACP?

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The subject line says it all: Who makes a blued, arched, & serrated (NOT checkered) mainspring housing for an Officer's ACP?

Went through Brownell's catalog and could only find checkered ones.

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Springfield has fitted an arched to their Officers size frames for some time. I'd try getting one from them, and if you can't, I have one here. You will, however, have to change the internals, as Springfield uses the smaller diameter internals of the full size, rather than Colts larger diameter spring and etc.

Don Williams www.theactionworks.com www.pickagrip.com
Back when the OACP was introduced, they came with arched, serrated MSH's. Colt probably doesn't make them any more, but I'll bet you could find one at a gunshow.
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