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I know that many gunsmiths are leery of fixing handguns that have been worked on by others, for obvious reasons. Can anyone tell me of someone reputable who can make my Delta Elite functional again? For the "big-name" gunsmith types on this board, are YOU are willing to do this? Here are the specifics:

I purchased my beloved Delta Elite a couple of months ago. I handed it over to a "reputable" gunsmith to have some work done:

WC match trigger & carry trigger job
WC extended thumb safety
WC full length guide rod and Wolff 24lb spring
S&A beavertail grip safety
Novak sights with tritium inserts
Reliability package
Complete gun refinished

So far so good, the gun worked great and looked good (aside from some marks on the trigger pad). Several hundred assorted rounds ran through it without a hitch. Then it broke; the hammer would fall when you pull the trigger, but the catridges wouldn't go "boom." I took it back to the gunsmith, who told me about a week later that the gun was working fine now & he couldn't even find a problem with it. You can see where this is going.

Not only did the gun continue to fail 100% of the time in EXACTLY the same way it was before, with 3 different brands of ammo, it broke in an utterly different way almost immediately. Now the hammer is jammed in the cocked position and will not come down for any reason.

I feel like I have been utterly screwed and no longer trust the SOB. This may not be 100% fair, but there you have it. I'm not going back to him with my gun; I want someone of widely-known quality and reputation to do the work. I'm willing to pay for whatever new parts and work are necessary to make it functional. Heck, I'll pay a "stupidity fee" to anyone being subjected to trying to undo someone else's screw-ups.

Any advice or assitance in this regard would be greatly appreciated. Actually, it would be HUGELY appreciated. I love my DE, it worked wonderfully before it broke but now I'm stuck with a $1,000+ paperweight.

***UPDATE*** I talked to Dane Burns and he agreed to fix my Delta Elite. Kudos to Dane for his very quick response time!

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That is one of my specialties!
Let me look at it, take it down and check parts tolerances.
Hopefully, it is not loaded and you can take the slide off to ship in components as required by Fex Ex. No ammunition of any kind is allowed when shipping for repair.
Contact me by E Mail for particulars.

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Hi Sir
I know there are several guys out there that will not touch a gun another worked on.
For Us (EGW) we do work on guns that have trouble. First If a guy is stuck than we are providing a service. We ALWAYS ask the guy to try to resolve the problem with the guy that made the gun. If the guy is out of business or just can't deal with the guy we will Look it over. ( Often ,not saying you, it is reloads and or mag related )
Second If you get a guys gun up and running you will probably get the future business from the guy.(this is probably one reason we have 140+ guns to work on) Third is interesting also. You learn much more from guns that do not work than guns that do. Than You apply what you learn over the years to the guns you build.
Lastly as we do and I am sure others on the board, if you need a beavertail welded up or a sight hole or a feed ramp or a mount screw, wouldn't you take it to a gunsmith?

good luck in your adventure.
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