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Who's got the best price for a Custom II and Stainless II in Norcal bay area?

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This is my first post here and am debating between a basic Custom II or a Stainless II(since it looks so sweet). Any dealers here in the bay area that you know of will sell these at good prices? I've read online the best price for a Custom II at around $585 and a Stainless II at around $675. Can I come close to that at a dealer?
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Well, I stand corrected. You just have to expand your search!

Kimbers are popular, there's got to be some out there somewhere. Just start calling every dealer within 100 miles of the Bay Area, you're bound to find something.

Of course counting two trips, I hope you get good gas mileage. That one would add at least $60 to the price just for gas to the dealer.

Plus try the local gun shows, there's another one in Vallejo October 22nd. They just had one at the Cow Palace last weekend, but I didn't go, for a change.

You could always try posting a "WTB" on the Calguns.net forum, or TheHighRoad.org too.
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